Stacy Ann Louie Lactation Consultant

Stacy-Ann Louie [IBCLC, CD]

Hi, I'm Stacy-Ann Louie, IBCLC and Certified Doula of Tent Birth and Breastfeeding. I am the mother of five great kids. They are my world and a major reason why I am currently working as a lactation consultant and certified doula.

My experience led me to understand that women have shared needs during their pregnancy, birth and postpartum -- support that respected their choice to make the best decision for themselves, their baby and inclusive of their partner too. I became certified lactation consultant because I want to provide the highest level of care to mothers and babies. As a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), I am clinically trained and licensed to work within Georgia and all states. My clients will benefit from my experience in lactation clinics, pediatric office, newborn clinic and NICU. I provide care virtually, in my office and in your home.

Kiana Ayers Lactation Consultant

Kiana Ayers [RN, IBCLC, LCCE]

Hi, I'm Kiana Ayers, RN, IBCLC, LCCE of Mamas and Tatas. I have a passion for helping moms and babies with prenatal education to include childbirth classes and breastfeeding.

I am wife and mother of four breastfed children. I started Mamas and Tatas in Jonesboro, GA, after having a desire to help women in my community with lactation. I quickly saw that the offering can be cost prohibitive for some families. I then founded Ready Set Push Inc offering Lamaze childbirth education for low income families and am proud to announce the first class which helped 8 families in September 2020 virtually. I continue to make these offerings available as well as support Thrive hosting weekly postpartum breastfeeding support groups.

Aleah Walker Lactation Consultant

Aleah Walker [IBCLC, CD(DTI), BS]

Hi, I'm Aleah Walker, IBCLC of Rainbow Baby Birthing & Lactation. Not only am I board certified, but I am also a licensed Lactation Consultant. I provide evidence based, unbiased and nonjudgmental care to families in my private practice as well as in my local hospital through in-home, office and virtual support.

I am a mother of two, who was fortunate to be able to breastfeed for over 2 years with each of my children. My passion for breastfeeding families grew from my work as a nutritionist with the local WIC department. Learning about all the different struggles families encountered when it came to feeding their children inspired me to venture into new territory and embark on a journey that would lead me to finding my dream job. Working with WIC families helped me identify the barriers that either prevented families to breastfeed their babies or that halted progress in a breastfeeding journey. I wanted to be able to support those families through those barriers and help prevent them for future families.

Tashara Johnson Lactation Consultant

Tashara Johnson [IBCLC, BS]

Hi, I'm Tashara Johnson, IBCLC of Latch and Love Lactation Center. I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant with 10 years of experience in providing lactation support.

I have a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition from Georgia State University. Upon graduation, I began my career as a Public Health Nutritionist for the WIC program, where I developed a deep passion and love for helping mothers with breastfeeding. I transitioned to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite, leading the lactation support team. My work with families in the NICU drove breastfeeding rates to an all time high. Currently, I am the owner of Latch and Love Lactation Center, which offers equitable, evidence-based care plans, and supporting families in reaching their breastfeeding goals. I also provide lactation services in a breastfeeding friendly pediatric office. I am the mother of four amazing children, and enjoy hanging out with my family and my children's sporting events.

Jada Wright Nichols Lactation Consultant

Jada Wright nichols [IBCLC, OT, LMT]

Hi, I'm Jada Nichols with Blossom Health and Maternal Wellness, and Bloom Early Intervention. I am a women’s wellness consultant, perinatal health educator, and health equity strategist. I am an occupational therapist, massage therapist, doula, yoga instructor, and international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC).

I have worked and taught in a wide variety of settings, across the life span. Along with providing lactation support for infants and mothers who require special care, I also provide early intervention services, and postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation. I am  the owner of Blossom Health and Maternal Wellness, and Bloom Early Intervention.